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Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Marshall Illinois

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Marshall Illinois is a part of the Marshall County and got the from the John Marshall who was a supreme court chief justice. It is important to recognize that Marshall served the supreme court in the year 1801 to 1835. It is crucial to know that the first settler of what can to later be known as Marshal county was Thomas Brooks who built himself a cabin in 1824. Other people who followed him include John Strawn, John Wier and others who later helped to shape the future of Marshall county. Later on by 1830, Marshall county had built their first grinding mill, and it was located in the Hopewell area. One also need to know that by 1839, more than 1500 residents had made Marshall county their home.

You need to know that Marshall Illinois has a vibrant culture and historical points. To begin with, when you are in this area, you can visit the Lincoln Trail State Park. The state park is full of history as it is named after the path that Abraham Lincoln and family followed when they moved to Illinois from Indiana. There is a need to know that the park is located in an area that was occupied initially by Kickapoo, Miami and Mascouten the three native american tribes living in that area. By the early nineteenth century, the tribes had moved on and the site become a United States property.

The Stone Arch Bridge is another historical point of interest that one can choose to visit. If you are looking forward to touching, feel and see a real part of Illinois history, you need to ensure that you visit the Stone Arch Bridge. It is important to know that the bridge was built over a century ago by the United States Army engineers with their bare hands. It is essential to understand that they shaped the stones by hands and did not use concrete or mortar as they clamped each stone in a way they could not slip. On feels good after seeing and touching this piece of history that has remained intact for such a long time.

It is also vital to know that the world's largest Gavel is situated in Marshall Illinois. You need to know that according to Guinness world book of Records, the largest Gavel is situated in the historic Clark County courthouse. You need to understand that both the Gavel and the Clark Courthouse are a part of history that you do not want to miss. Situated at the 501 archer Ave, it is essential to know that the site is quite a piece of history. With this unusual object, it is essential to know that you will be allowed to take pictures and this makes the visit enjoyable.

It is important to know that if you are a history person, you need to make sure that you visit Illinois. It is for this reason you need to make sure that you make Marshall Illinois your next visit.

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